Usually in this section you get a corporate message about the organisation.
But you came here to learn ABOUT US. So let me tell you about us.

We are an extraordinary team of people that only exist to help YOU learn the professional skills that you and your team needs, to take your lives forward. As a team, we make up GTG – a globally innovative organisation, which creates revolutionary learning experiences to transform you and your teams into renowned thought leaders who consistently deliver with excellence.

With a small team, set up GTG in 2006, with a view to transforming the way training is delivered and learning occurs. A teacher should inspire participants to learn, using different methods and styles. Equally participants should be motivated and not afraid to think outside the box. All of our training courses have this at the core and all our trainers are experts in working with our greatest asset: YOU.

With over a million people using GTG’s materials and training, we believe we have got it right!


All of us who work with GTG, work with the passion of passing on professional education to others. We look for ways to simplify content, bring real-life examples and liven up classrooms, for maximum absorption of knowledge in a way that you can use it when you walk out the door. Quite simply, we transform learning, one thought at a time.

My team and I have scoured the world, looking for the best international professional qualifications, which bring to our participants in India, Asia-Pac, Africa and Europe. Where we don’t find a suitable qualification, we develop the programme internally and write exceptional content to ensure that you follow what we teach.We only work with internationally reputed institutes to help you understand the subject matter and apply it to your work. This leads to increased profitability and efficiency from all the training courses we conduct and content we develop on behalf of our clients.


Our Client services team stay in constant touch with all our participants and consistently coach them to get the best results from the programmes. This is something unique about GTG, which no one else in the training industry does with the same rigour.

Our GTG team is full of qualified Accountants, Bankers, Insurance and Management experts including CFAs, CPAs (American) and ICAEWs/CIMAs/ACCAs (UK). We also have behavioural coaches who also work with our participants by phone and face to face. This means that we have a rich blend of experienced professionals who are ably placed to understand both the business culture and what extra skills are needed in the International arena to help our client companies and participants excel.

So if you are ready to start digging deeper, you can “Awaken the Will to absorb countless more skills”.

Are you ready?

Team GTG