The overall aim of the Case Study module is to ensure that candidates can provide advice in respect of complex business issues in the form of a written report.

The objective of the Case Study is to assess understanding of complex business issues and the ability to analyse financial and non-financial data, exercise professional and ethical judgement, and develop conclusions and recommendations. The limited class time available with a tutor, even when supplemented by extensive home study, is insufficient for success in the Case Study. Students must bring work experience into their preparation and development programme.

Success at the Case Study requires an integration of the technical knowledge and skills acquired from all of the ACA modules, namely:

  • the core technical knowledge and skills and practical application acquired at the Professional Stage;
  • the technical, analytical, evaluative and integration skills from the Business Change and Business
  • Reporting modules; and
  • the advisory, judgemental and communication skills acquired through practical work experience under taken during the training contract.