We believe, GTG is the only training and content provider in our sector that has approached production by looking outside the sector for inspiration: we use Value Stream Mapping, part of the Six Sigma manufacturing methodology as the basis for our process.

We apply this to a flexible network of authors, instructional designers and researchers, enabling each element of the chain to focus on where it adds value, and to facilitate parallel workflows.

This feeds through into our pedagogy: by optimising the time of everyone in the process - subject matter experts, researchers, instructional designers, we can ensure the development of Quality Interactions in our training materials.

We believe this approach allows us a tight process with a flexible resource base, able to deliver results at great speed.

GTG has a proven track record in the production and delivery of high-quality learning materials, including ‘core learning-type materials’ and experience in producing to tight timescales.

GTG works with major corporations and the big accounting firms where cost is a challenge yet quality and delivery can never be compromised. We have successfully delivered training and learning materials to these demanding clients.

Our worldwide development team contains: