Communicating across cultures can be a difficult experience. All successful communication results from one person understanding the meaning and intention of what another person has said. The skills associated with effective and rewarding cross-cultural communication can seem elusive to many people who lack experience of this form of interaction.

Culture is the integrated pattern of human behaviour that includes thoughts, communication, actions, customs, beliefs, values and institutions of a racial, ethnic, religious or social group. It reflects the norms and values of a given society and constitutes, to a large extent, the way in which individuals in that society views the world.

The aim of this module is to sensitise Indian staff to the ways that foreigners work, so that they can manage expectations more effectively and create an enduring work relationship. Unfortunately, in a world which is quick to judge, it is even more important to create the first right impression. With foreigners, this can only happen effectively if you understand their background and their expectations.

Indians who are working with or will be working with foreigners and wish to build up credibility from the start of the relationship. It can also be taken by those who work with foreigners, to get a better idea about how to improve the business relationship.

The aim of this module is to educate your foreign employees of Indian work ethics, and how to handle working with Indian colleagues. These can be through written or spoken communication. Foreign employees often face challenges when working with Indian staff as the foreign employees have problems understanding the culture, find it difficult to understand their way of working, their spoken and written English, and Indian work ethos.

Foreigners who work in outsourcing centers in India, or are going to be working in India and need to start understanding India.