We create differentiated and innovative learning materials and deliver training to business professionals for a variety of global accounting and finance professions.

We have our own, constantly-updated, bank of intellectual property, that we can use with clients to develop be spoke learning materials.

Our development team has both the skill and flexibility to ensure our instructional design methodologies are continually fit for purpose; this includes local, market specific context, use of case study for learning and development, and effectively incorporating new technologies. We also have our own patented formulae for learning and absorption of models.

We are experts in devising innovative solutions; in particular for digital and blended learning delivery. For example, we offer ‘Training in Emerging Markets on Communication for Finance Professionals’.

Our pedagogic values: the Qi model

Learning involves the transformation of the learner over time. For business professionals, as in medicine, the effectiveness of learning is displayed in practice.

The learning transformation, of both mind set and behaviour, depends on the situation of the learner (technical, cultural), the impact of the trainer, and the context of learning. At GTG, we use a simple, but profound model, to underpin our pedagogic and learning development.


Time is limited, and always has an opportunity cost. To optimize use of time, the quality of the learning interaction – however delivered – is critical. GTG’s trainers and authors have worked in developing and emerging markets, and are alert to cultural differences, and aware of social and other pressures.

They are able to modulate their approach to different audiences, thereby ensuring the best interaction quality.