Chartered Accountants are the backbone of financial strategy in companies. They are expected to sort through data, taking unstructured information and come up with recommendations for solving business problems. They have to be able to communicate at all levels with all types of people.

Most business leaders in India feel that whilst our CAs are absolutely outstanding with their technical knowledge and work – there is a significant gap that exists in integrating technical knowledge and professional skills, especially communication skills and applying structured thinking.

ICAEW understands these challenges and has come up with a robust final level which is aimed at solving problems and communicating the solutions effectively.

The ICAEW syllabus is known for the vertical and horizontal integration that it provides across all areas like Accounting, Audit, tax, business management, financial performance and professional skills. For ICAI members considered future leaders, this would be the biggest advantage of becoming a member of the ICAEW.

Organisations would benefit with the added skill set that this will bring to their talent pool, without the need for expensive secondments abroad. In addition, with the need to liaise with CFO’s, CEO’s and people from across the world – this would put our nominated people on a similar platform as their contemporaries’ world over.

The ICAEW final level case study is based on the Harvard business school case methodology.

This course is best suited for Indian CA’s who employees believe they will be future leaders and would like to invest in developing their skills.

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