In any project, we use GTG’s own intellectual property, bespoke IP created in the production project and client content.

Our policy, based on our philosophy of empowering local professions, is to transfer ownership of IP to the client. Ownership of the intellectual property created is given through a license to the client.

Technology and educational services
GTG recognises the emergent use of technology in emerging markets, and turns its expertise into cost effective solutions for education clients and professional bodies.

Software development
Delivering online learning: infrastructure

GTG is developing its own proprietary software to deliver its E-learning (online and offline) system. We have senior IT staff which are supplemented by numerous consultants to develop this – having our R&D centre in Pune, India allows GTG access to an extensive IT network in one of the world’s E-learning development hubs, at reasonably low prices.

GTG’s use of technology in content development is appropriate to the local environment, bearing in mind the sometimes challenging infrastructure in emerging markets.

Inhouse development and capability
GTG is developing the system architecture of its Learning Management System (LMS) as a fully scalable solution. The LMS is being designed and built to have an initial limit of 100,000 concurrent online users. Being a proprietary application, GTG will have the capability and ability to further develop this capability to take advantage of future technology innovations.

An example of our inhouse development is the development of an inhouse developed e-reader. This means we can host e-libraries and offer a variety of download options to professional bodies.

Client benefits:

  • We can host and support e-content on behalf of professional bodies
  • We can support e-libraries for students and professional bodies

We offer cost-effective and value for money pricing, with honesty at the core. We are happy to discuss prices for any products on request.