In emerging markets, there is a wealth of talented people, who could grow into professionals and leaders, needlessly held back by lack of access to knowledge, lack of the most suitable training, with a long way to travel to find the pathways to success. We believe they have a right to the same opportunities as others.

Our whole company - our team of world-class authors, instructional designers and trainers – is driven to this goal.

We aim to help develop the accounting and finance professions in emerging economies.

  • for professional bodies, we offer a service that provides fast, high quality learning materials in finance and accounting, both printed and online; we support professional bodies in business development activity.
  • for corporates, we provide training supported by innovative, interactive content in the field of accountancy and finance.
  • for tuition providers, we offer learning materials, consultancy, assessment services and train the trainer to enhance the Quality of Interaction in the classroom.
  • for students we can offer high quality print and online resources, discussion forums and distance learning courses.
  • for authors, we run train the author programmes that improve their ability to deliver quality content.

The individual, aspiring professional is at the heart of what we do. By supporting local professions, corporates and tuition providers, we will enable aspiring professionals to deliver excellence in their chosen field, and become the business and thought leaders of the future.