Our team at GTG is hand-picked and pretty exceptional. They have to be, because they interact with you and our thousands of our students and clients every day. They are the DNA of GTG – the engine that keeps us going so we can give the best learning experiences to you.

We believe in transparency and honesty, so here are the core team that breathe life into GTG every day:

The leadership:

Read what our leadership have to say about themselves, their role at GTG and their relationship with you.

I am Vandana – the CEO of GTG. It’s tough to describe yourself ! How about unconventional CEO; part mad professor and mentor to lots of the GTG team, client employees and students across the world. My ‘introduction to studying while at work’ sessions, which precede each course, remind people of the career and life dreams they once had and help bring them back to reality. Or help people work on a new career dream – an audacious dream and create paths to turn it into reality. In my past 25 years, I have made tonnes of mistakes. I have also been incredibly bad at learning from them, but incredibly good at sharing them with others. So in these sessions, I look at the things that worked really well, could work really well in my life and share how they might be able help you. Then I show you how your employer and GTG have designed this course that you are about to take. We explain the value we find in it and suggest how you can use frameworks to find the value in it for you. If you don’t find it valuable in this first session, then we’ll help you find another course that suits your needs.

My role at GTG is to understand challenges at client companies and with the GTG team, come up with training and developmental solutions which we then deliver. I also spend time with the teams to understand where they are, what roadblocks they have and help create frameworks for solving them.

You – if you are a .

You – if you are a client or student of GTG, then you are the reason we exist. We help design programmes that help you and those around you use the knowledge they have inside them, to create a more efficient, profitable and ethically sustainable business. Whether that is helping them process entries more effectively (lower errors and correct anticipation of challenges), or leading a large team (communicating effectively, having each team member perform more effectively), through our programmes, we enable you to deliver.

I am Kartikey, and I am the General Manager, Finance. A qualified ICAI Chartered Accountant, I steer the GTG ship with finances and analysis of value we give to our clients. I ensure we give the relevant amount to finance the production of excellent R&D for our clients, so that employees who study with us can put their learning into practice.

Hi, I am Glenda and I am the Chief Operating Officer for GTG. That means that I manage our resources (people, materials, training and lots more) to ensure we deliver when we say we are going to and I also measure the results of our services. I am deeply involved in ensuring our clients get the service that they need to see the tangible value of our training. Equally I talk regularly to our students to ensure they are feeling the benefit. My job is amazing! I get to interact with clients and suppliers around the globe, then mobilise our GTG teams to help solve employee challenges.


The heart:

Hi, I’m Madhuri, and I love qualifications! I am ICAI, ICAEW, DipIFR from ACCA, UK amongst others, and surprise, surprise, I am the AVP for our Training team. I’ve been around almost right from the time GTG was born!
I used to write (as in develop content for technical subjects) but then soon discovered my passion for teaching. After a few training sessions, the awesome feedback I got encouraged me, and over time, helped develop the GTG training style that is quite unique and distinctive – our focus is always on making the employee ‘work-ready’ rather than just technically sound; concentrating on application, rather than just theory.
I enjoy training immensely as I get to interact with a lot of new people and contribute in their professional development! mental solutions we suggest.

Hi, I'm Surya and I am AVP in Project Management with a background in customer service. I have a real focus on making sure projects remain on schedule, are within budget and are delivered to clients objectives at all times.
I have worked in the BPO industry for many years, so well aware and adjusted to the pressures this industry brings.

Hi, I’m Vijaya and I am AVP of Content Development. At GTG, I head the section that develops the content. I am a qualified ICAI chartered accountant.
I love writing and have authored several books and training materials on audit, IFRS, corporate governance, risk and ethics and insurance, as well as trained many students.
I bring concepts alive for students of all ages!