We offer the following content resources:

  • Study Texts, either printed or eBooks, covering all aspects of the curriculum. We can supply clients with instructional design principles on requests, authored with emerging markets professionals in mind
  • Question Banks
  • Mock Exams and Solutions with feedback
  • Key Notes for summaries
  • Student and trainer notes, printed or online, for use in classrooms, and relevant course tests Podcasts, recorded in our own studios
  • Webinars, live and recorded in our own studios

GTG’S focus on emerging markets has led us to generate learning materials that can be used easily. Our research has shown that many students may have no Internet access or access that, for reasons of bandwidth or capacity, do not provide a reliable conduit for online learning. Our E-learning products are designed to work off-line, as well as online, and without the need of printed study materials. Bandwidth-heavy content sits alongside ‘light’ content.

Our student and client experience suite

We can create and deliver classroom, distance and online courses, delivered and supported by our expert network of tutors. We can offer elements of our student and client experience suite as part of offering to professional bodies, in addition to the content above: