Designed by CA Vandana Saxena Poria OBE, GTG’s award winning CEO, and strengthened with transformation modules of international repute, the course structure and content follow models that are used at the greatest Institutes across the world, but tailored to local needs. It involves an understanding of clients and client personalities in order to provide a robust and integrated solution to the ultimate beneficiary: the client’s staff.

The transformation model is based on a study of the business environment and GTG’s own transformation equation of:


Which states, that in any given time, it is ONLY if the interaction is with quality, that people learn and transformation happens. GTG’s trainers and coaches are experts in their field, with an excellent understanding of both the Indian and European/American Psyche. Our trainers have taught thousands of people across India and Europe over the past 20 years in accounting, finance, business strategy, financial and business analysis, leadership, mentoring and teamwork.

Hence it is the style of GTG’s training and content development that differentiates it and weaves the techniques and knowledge into the participant’s business and home lives.

All our training courses work on the philosophy of Quality interaction, and use the transformation equation. So you can expect the following in our training sessions:

  1. A great trainer who is also a facilitator and coach, who genuinely wants participants to succeed.

  2. Interactive slides, videos, simulations and written exercises to build knowledge in levels, commencing from the agreed starting point for the course.

  3. Participants spending lots of time speaking, discussing and writing to show mastery of the subject.

  4. Interactions within groups, between groups, and with former GTG alumni.

  5. Assessments before during and after to help participants assess how far they have come, and where they want to go next.

This, coupled with our robust feedback systems, ensure you receive the greatest transformation in the time you or your participants spend with the GTG team.