Most industries in the United States are expected to conform to GAAP principles when preparing and distributing financial information. This three (3) day introduction to US GAAP provides a sound base to US GAAP conceptual knowledge.

This course is aimed at employees who work for US GAAP reporting clients, who need to ensure they have a conceptual knowledge on US GAAP. This will also ensure that the selected employees perform better in their current processes.

The objective of this workshop is to help the participants understand the major differences between US GAAP and IFRS. It involves understanding and application of the presentation, recognition and measurement requirements for IFRS compliant financial statements.

The training uses various case studies and real-life examples taken from financial statements of real companies to ensure that the training delivered is relevant to the business they are working in.

This workshop is suited for teams involved in the preparation or review of financial statements under US GAAP who need to understand how those requirements differ from IFRS.