GTG creates professionals for the future. We believe that every person should have a right to knowledge for their level and the ability to apply that knowledge in the workplace to improve business. In a fast changing world, people need to enhance, modify, amend or forget that knowledge too. GTG has an approach to learning with materials creation, which has flexibility to meet new and changing requirements both of clients and employees. We also have an eye for the future as the F & A world evolves, including and towards the inclusion of a case study based assessment wherever necessary, audience response systems and other technologies to ensure learning is fit for purpose. GTG creates learning materials using instructional design principles and Bloom’s Taxonomy that fit with paper and IT based platforms, all based on ensuring that the employees can learn and apply their knowledge in the workplace.

At GTG we regard ourselves as being proactive in leading innovation in our marketplaces and reflective and reactive in improvement of what we do; we are a learning organisation with self-confidence.

GTG grew into a global provider based in India, but with strong UK roots and UK partners, delivering professional education in finance, management and accountancy that delivers content creation, professional qualification publishing, bespoke publishing and professional training.

Learning materials are a key part of our business, the bedrock for our teaching and for the learning we support and training that we deliver.Some of our satisfied clients include:


Our team’s experience understands both the business culture and the extra skills that are needed in the International arena to help our client companies excel. We also bring the best of other qualifications to the content we develop, so it remains up to date.

Our Value
Our approach is built around a concept of understanding what customers and clients value. We have a learning model within our learning materials based on being:

Friendly – our house style is professional but with a real focus on clarity of explanation using simple language and logical structure, without ever losing the technical edge

Comprehensive – our texts are cross-checked and built around syllabus content

Practical – we have a belief in illustrating required knowledge and skills with practical examples that bring the subject to life

Reinforcing – we understand that students have different learning styles and approaches and our material mixes, text, worked examples, technical matter, explanation and examples that then flow into mind maps, crib sheets and key concepts.

Assessing – we build assessment and self-assessment into our learning materials with progressive quizzes, short questions, questions and exam standard questions

Our learning materials contain innovative ideas including new developments such as ‘tips’, ‘score more’ and ‘exam focus’.