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ICAEW Exclusive Scholarship Programme

ICAEW, for fifth year in a row, is sponsoring an Exclusive scholarship programme (ESP) for limited number of participants to join its ACA programme in India.

Scholarships available

This programme will run in Mumbai and Delhi with a total of 30 places in each city.The scholarship covers 80% of the fees for the programme.

Scholarship scheme outline

It is important that you commit to the programme if you are selected. It will be rigorous and hard work will be required. ICAEW is expecting you to attend all days of training and be prepared to do the home study that will be given.

Please note that ESP includes:

  • 18 days of training over a period of 5 to 6 months for initial 2 technical papers
  • 10 days of training over a period of 3 months for case study, post the 2 technical papers
  • Conducted in blocks of 2 or 3 consecutive days
  • All study material
  • Detailed candidate feedback reports