To apply for a scholarship please fill in the application form”

“If you are applying as an individual and not through an employer, you need to explain why you think you should be considered for the scholarship, and what you would like to gain from this scholarship in 250 - 300 words”

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Registration requires

  • Personal Details
  • Proof of active ICAI membership
  • Proof of good standing (supplied by the ICAI)

Only ICAI members with no adverse disciplinary findings made against them and who have confirmed their compliance with the CPD requirements of ICAI will be eligible for the arrangement.

“ICAEW prepares you for the real world and emulates real life through its exams: your Manager would not expect you to prepare a report without any resources – neither does ICAEW. You can take in any books or notes, because the focus is on giving sound understandable business advice. That is what you will have to do for the rest of your working life”

Vandana Saxena Poria

Get Through Guides CEO