GTG is a global provider of professional education in finance, management and accounting. They work with internationally reputed institutes in these fields to help students understand the subject matter and apply it to their work. This leads to increased profitability and efficiency from all the training courses they conduct and content they develop on behalf of our clients. They are accredited for training by ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW, ICAI, CASL and CII to name but a few global institutes.

GTG was set up by ICAEW member Vandana Saxena Poria in 2006. Vandana qualified as a Chartered Accountant and then spent 10 years living and working in a multitude of countries in Central and Eastern Europe before moving to India in 2005. In the Queen’s Birthday Honours list announced on 14th June 2008, Vandana was honoured with an OBE for services to Trade and Investment, one of the youngest female Asians to be given the honour. Vandana works closely with the British Government to foster international trade for the UK Since 2006 Vandana chairs the “British Business Group” in Pune which was set up with the support from British High Commission. Vandana will be the lead facilitator on the ICAEW training courses for the Scholarship programme.

GTG’s aim is not only for you to pass the exam but to be a leader in India’s future tomorrow, therefore we will be spending time working with you to identify your individual strengths and weaknesses; you will therefore receive a measurable development of your skills in key strategic and financial areas through continuous feedback from course faculty. You will have a progression chart created:

Our feedback on the course provides:

  • Ensures that you can think on your feet and make executive decisions/recommendations.
  • Provides relevant and correct technical advice, whilst ensuring that the business implications of the advice given are understood.
  • Increases communication skills especially when dealing with foreigners/foreign companies.
  • Forces you to understand and interpret global issues to assist clients.
  • Will help you to deal in a structured way with clients.
  • Will be able to truly integrate the knowledge of financial reporting, auditing and strategic decision making.
  • Be able to communicate confidently and competently with management, clients and other business partners.